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2 wire bus ip door entry for apartment system

Real 2wire bus 1080p(2.0mp) high resolution.

All in one: 2-wire non-polarity cable, easy to install.

Do-not-disturb mode setting.

Replace old 2 wire audio system easily: no need to install cable again.

Unlocking your door via Code, IC card, or Mobile phone app.

  • Model no. HD62776+62282-CR2.0

7" TFT LCD touch screen, IPS screen.

Indoor screen, with Snapshot, video record function (32G SD card),

Do-not-disturb mode setting.

high definition resolution 1024*600.

You will never miss any visitors front of your door.


Outdoor station front of your gate.

Full metal body with rain cover.

Three ways to release door lock via code, card/nfc, mobile app. tuya smart.

Smart door entry make life simple .

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